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All of our made to measure blinds that we supply come with upto a 6 yr guarantee. (Dependant on type).

Self-Fit: How to measure for your blinds

We can supply you with self-fit Vertical blinds, Venetian blinds, Roller blinds & VELUX blinds, (for VELUX type blinds (and size) information, details of the window are found on the data plate. In most cases the data plate is located on the top of the window sash and is only visible when the window is opened.)

See below on how to measure, if supplying your own measurements, we cannot be held responsible for any errors.

You will need:

Where do you want your blind to be fitted?

How to measure inside the window recess:

Measuring for your blind Measuring the window recess

How to measure outside the window recess:

Measuring outside the window recess

Measuring tips:

Take all of your measurements in millimetres (mm) this will give you a much more accurate measurement. While measuring make sure to look out for things like window handles and tiles taking into account their position if necessary. This is to ensure a perfect fit.

Once all this has been recorded, please email or phone reference on obtaining a price from Blindology Blinds.


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